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Feb 11

Down to the details: American Muscle


American muscle provides some of the best detail in all the car world. From shiny chrome badges to iconic lines there is something to see on every body panel. It’s no wonder these cars have become highly sought after and collectible. Like this awesome awesome Mustang. All I need to show you is this little …

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Jan 28

Monday and I’m in the mood for Muscle Cars

ZL1 Camaro

Muscle cars are always closest to my heart. The sound, feel, smell, and visuals are just awesome. They celebrate a bygone era of America when corporations had a sense of humor, people had a little extra spending money, and cars were built for a purpose, not a price point. I love the thought of a …

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May 02

Cuda: Living Legend

There are many cars that reached legendary status in the muscle car era but one has eclipsed them all in terms of collect-ability, street presence, and status. This was due to the legendary Hemi engine option and it’s reputation as a race car. Cuda’s would have a strong showing and a large fan base in …

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