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Jul 09

Ford’s New Rapid Prototyping Technique

ford rapid prototyping

3d printing is what’s next for everyone. It just is. Someday not too far away we will all have 3d printers at home and that is how we will get a lot of the goods we buy. 3d printing is just one form of rapid prototyping which is revolutionizing the manufacturing world and it should …

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Jan 13

Sunday Commentary: January 13, 2013 Cars, junk, n stuff

So by the time you read this the Sunday morning talking heads will have blabbed on about all the “important issues” that face us as a nation but not a single one of those boring a holes will mention a thing about cars. Well that’s what we are here for, to tackle the serious issues. …

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Sep 04

Grand Am and ALMS to Merge in 2014

Labor Day weekend is always a big race weekend, between multiple NASCAR races the typical travesty that is a modern IndyCar race and some little race in Belgium, at a place called Spa. It’s easy to imagine that many of you missed the most important news of the weekend.

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May 15

Ferrari Enzo Replacement Details

Ferrari chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, has confirmed the successor to the Ferrari Enzo will feature a hybrid power system. The supercar is set to be publicly revealed later this year. Just like the previous Enzo, Ferrari have said the new car will be built in limited numbers. Where it will differ from the old car, …

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Feb 10

Friday! Let’s do the news!

Well ladies and gents it’s Friday, Friday’s are generally slow around the Infinite-Garage office, usually the most exciting news are sales reports and recalls. Since I assume like us you could really care less about that sort of thing let’s move on to other news. Slow days mean surfing our favorite blogs and car related …

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