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Jun 05

Junkyard Cuda

The guys at Motor Trend don’t really need me to pimp their videos here on IG. They have nearly unlimited funds and all the fans in the world so you might be asking why show one of their videos. Well, it’s cool that’s why. They find an old Cuda, spruce it up a little. (Very …

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May 16

Nitrous Powered Plymouth Fury

rear stripe

If big engines, big carbs, and gobs of horse power just aren’t your thing then maybe you are into green cars. I like green cars too, particularly Sublime on a sweet classic Mopar. The squeeze has been the weapon of choice for countless racers over the years including one special Plymouth Fury. Adorned in Sublime …

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Apr 22

Earth Day tips for car lovers

I read an article earlier about things you can do on Earth Day to save the environment when you drive. Of course this was driven by a car hating hippie so it included things like switching to an electric car, using public transit, biking to work, or even walking. I don’t like expensive slow cars, …

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Apr 02

Big nitrous explosion

I’m not stranger to the dark art of nitrous. Two things that don’t mix with nitrous, inexperience, and idiots. I suspect we are seeing a bit of both here. Note the genius that sticks his face in the scoop to blow out the fire. It’s hard to tell what caused this, it could have been …

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