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Jun 26

Hemi power: Old and New

I suppose I should start this post off with something really professional and cliche talking about how legendary the Hemi engine is. However if you are here you know that. The hemi recently turned 50 and there have been all sorts of celebrations. I hear the events were great. Meanwhile back here at the IG …

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Jun 12

Wentzville Cruise Night: Mopar or No Car

The amount of Mopar at Wentzville cruise night this year was pretty impressive. On my side of the Mississippi River you just don’t see that much. It’s heaven for Camaro and Mustang fans, but when you cross that river over into Missouri it seems the Mopar comes out in droves. As they say Mopar or …

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Apr 16

American Muscle Car: The Plymouth Road Runner

It looks like it is going to be a Mopar kind of week here on IG. I’m sure you won’t mind. Yesterday we had the fastest new Challenger in the world. Tomorrow you can watch the live reveal of the brand new Dodge Challenger. (will the current Challenger still be called the new Challenger at …

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Jan 28

The Age of Drag Racing with Dick Landy

Sometimes on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of winter I have no clue what I’m going to write about for the day. January is tough because after the big Detroit Autoshow that’s it for months. Inevitably or maybe miraculously my phone will beep (actually it’s the road runner meep meep sound) and it will …

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Oct 21

Barry Apple Festival: Muscle Cars

Muscle cars and hot rods are kind of the meat and potatoes of the Infinite Garage diet. Whether it is the often over the top styling, bright colors, or the rumble of a great big American V8 it’s hard not to love them. I love the craftsmanship of a well built hot rod, but in …

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