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May 13

Loafers Car Club Car Show: part 2

We return to the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River today for part two of the Loafers car club car show. The nice big turn out allowed me to snap loads of photos and as it turns out I got quite a few decent ones. Enough talk and on with the photos. The patina look …

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Feb 23

US Postal Service Muscle Car Stamps

It seems these days the news about the Postal Service is all bad. Let’s be honest though they have a lot going for them. Cheap shipping prices, locations every where, and awesome muscle car stamps. Yep, they’ve added cool forever muscle car stamps to the line up. I’m not a stamp collector, but I just …

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Nov 12

The toughest 1964 Pontiac GTO in the land

The Pro Street style of modifying is to take a car, say a 1964 GTO, and make it ready for the drag strip with giant tires out back, some skinnies in the front, and a all the horses needed to embarrass the guy in the lane next to you. The twist though is that the …

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