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Sep 11

Drag Queen – Wallpaper Wednesday

Drag Queen

We take a very cursory look at one of the coolest motorcycles that was at the 2013 edition of Bonneville Speed Week.  Hit the jump the see the Drag Queen learn almost nothing about it.

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Aug 20

Bonneville 2013 – Part 3

Bonneville 2013

Somehow we still have more Bonneville 2013 coverage.  It’s no surprise really even after spending two days walking around on the salt I’m sure there are plenty of cars and photo opportunities that I missed.  We’ve got more pictures and some talk about cars after the jump.

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Aug 19

Bonneville 2013 – Part 2

Bonneville 2013

We continue our coverage of Bonneville 2013 with more pictures from the salt and a few words about the cars.   Hit the jump for more pictures of some quality hot rods and motorcycles from Speed Week at Bonneville 2013.

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Aug 16

Speed Week 2013 – Film Friday.

Speed Week 2013

Just about everything was out at Speed Week 2013.  From purpose built streamliners, production based cars and vintage oddballs like this Crosley there is a category for just about any vehicle at Bonneville.  Hit the jump for some video from the starting line at  Speed Week 2013.

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Aug 15

Bonneville 2013 – Part 1

Bonneville 2013

Speed Week, it’s the ultimate expression of piston powered speed and Bonneville 2013 continued the tradition during the start of it’s 65th year.  If you like pictures of the weird and the fast that populated the first weekend of Bonneville 2013 then hit the jump for the first part of our Bonneville 2013 coverage.

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