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Jun 19

SRT Motorpsorts is bringing sexy back

Back when Vipers ruled the world of racing there was one particular livery that stood out from the pack. Viper red with white racing stripes. A look as timeless as the Viper itself. Since those days racing Vipers have taken many different looks. They looked cool and all but none as cool. as the classic …

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Nov 25

SRT Viper GTS: Anodized Carbon Edition

The Dodge Viper is one of my all time favorite cars. It’s a bit crazy, a whole lot America, and it has a style that harkens back to the good ole days while still looking very modern. The new Viper just may be the best one yet with looks that remind me more of the …

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May 10

Beyond the Checkered Flag: SRT Viper’s new web series

SRT is pushing the Viper pretty hard. With a distinct absence from NASCAR SRT has to make sure it’s presence in racing is still known an dwhat better way to do it then a web series on the new Viper ALMS car. We will just about watch anything with racing so SRT can count us …

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Apr 06

Viper vs ZR1 again, The new Cuda and next gen Challenger

SRT Viper TA

You are probably well aware of the Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette rivalry. It’s been going on in various forms for quite a while now and in the last six months it has been stepped up considerably with the launch of the new SRT Viper, which got it’s rear handed to it by the ZR1 …

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Mar 19

Viper TA vs ZR1 Round Two

SRT Viper vs Chevy Corvette

Some fights are just legendary, Ali vs Fraser, David vs Goliath, and of course Viper vs ZR1. The Dodge Viper and Chevy Corvette rivalry goes back as far as the Dodge Viper. Late last year Motortrend took a whole bunch of super cars to Laguna Seca for a big battle and the Chevy Corvette ZR1 …

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