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Jul 01

Hellcat Dodge Challenger cranks it all the way up to 11 with 707hp

Ralph Giles and the crew have gone off the rails over at SRT with today’s announcement that the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will produce 707hp. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a lot. I read the headline of the press release followed by a few swear words I won’t repeat here. I …

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May 23

What does a Hellcat sound like. Let’s find out.

When a big American auto maker brings out an awesomely powerful new car well we are all over it. Heck we still do a Stingray post here and there. The 2015 Mustang also gets plenty of attention and we’ve had to have done a half dozen models on the most over priced Camaro ever… The …

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May 20

Dodge unleashes Hell’s fury. The Hellcat is here

Meet the king. King of the Mopars. The highest horsepower muscle car ever produced by Dodge has arrived. Oh sure you are saying what about the Viper, but it’s no muscle car. The bottom line here is 6.2L of supercharged kick ass pumping out 600hp. The Hellcat is here indeed. The car also gets gobs …

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Nov 09

SEMA 2013 Part Two

Today we take a look at more photos from the SEMA show. SEMA 2013 had a huge variety of cars for everyone from muscle and hot rods, to imports and luxury. The crowds were huge and the cars shiny, unless of course it was a rat rod. As always we tend to focus on the …

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Oct 14

The Yellowjacket: Vortech’s supercharged Mustang for SEMA

Sema Ford Mustang

Admittedly this is a bit of a short article as we don’t have a ton of pictures yet. We will though, as soon as SEMA happens. In the mean time what we have is a nice teaser pic from Vortech and some details. No doubt this will be hugely popular and will serve as a …

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