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Mar 26

Tech Tuesday: Spark Plugs, more than you want to know

This week for Tech Tuesday we are talking about spark plugs. They start the fire inside your internal combustion engine. So hit the bump and find out more about this important part of your engine. Spark plugs ignite the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. So let me run down how it works and …

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Jan 22

Gas Mileage Primer: Part 1

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today, we’ll show you how to get the best bang for the gallon by changes in maintenance, modifications, and most of all how you operate your car. With the high price of gas today a lot of people are putting up the fun car for a gas sipping daily …

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Nov 13

Guest Post: How to Save Fuel by Driving Effeciently

How to save fuel by driving efficiently It’s important to be more efficient on the road, given increasing fuel prices and the environmental cost of excess emissions. You can improve your fuel efficiency and mileage by making some simple changes to your driving habits, which in turn help to lower maintenance and refueling costs, while …

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Aug 12

An Indy car Steering Wheel walk through with Ryan Hunter-Reay

Indy car and F1 are notorious for having super complicated steering wheels. There are more buttons here then an Xbox controller and all the configurations surely keep the drivers busy. So just what does all that stuff do? Ryan Hunter-Reay explains in this video. source: Road and Track

Jul 21

Brakes: A Tech Article

Brakes are the first line of safety and control in your car. You never think about them until they are not there. Trust me, its not a good feeling. And there is no moment more eye opening than feeling the brake pedal fall to the floorboard with no pressure. Today I’m going to explain what …

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