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Apr 25

CanAm Mini Challenge

We’re keeping it small and keeping it simply for Film Friday. Check out this promo video for the SVRA’s upcoming¬†CanAm Mini Challenge. How could you not like these hilarious little cars?

Apr 08

American Stock: The Golden Era of Nascar

Vintage car footage is cool. Vintage race footage is even cooler. A documentary covering the golden era of Nascar well that’s just ice cold. Today we have part one of American Stock. Which is a film covering the roots of Nascar. There is lots of great old footage and I’ll just bet you will like …

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Mar 05

Vintage Gassers on the the strip

Gassers are a very unique breed of drag racer. It is always a nice treat to see one at a show, but it’s even cooler to see them run at the strip. Well I was tooling around the internet when I stumbled across this really cool video of some vintage gassers running at the strip. …

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Oct 11

SVRA In Car Video – Film Friday

If you haven’t checked out the SVRA, and you’re a fan of vintage race cars, you probably should. ¬†We’ve got their latest video for Film Friday so sit back and enjoy the best of their in car footage from VIR.

Jun 03

Porsche Project 50: Classic Porsche, Europe’s greatest race tracks


Porsche has given the 911 one heck of a birthday bash. Earlier this year it celebrated the 50th year of the iconic 911 by doing a photo shoot with the original and the new 911. Since then the celebration has continued on and we now find out that Porsche will be campaigning 1965 911 short …

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