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Jul 07

Does Dodge have the best ad team

A few years ago Dodge had that George Washington commercial where he was running off the red coats in a Challenger. That was cool. Then Ram had the “God created a farmer” commercial which if you come from a farm background got you right in the feels. Now Dodge has done it again showcasing the …

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May 14

SRT to be killed off…sort of

Fiat revealed it’s master plan for the next four years and the big news is that SRT is going away. No, performance vehicles aren’t going away. The Viper stays and gets a refresh in 2015. The Viper is a great performer but it’s expensive and that other American sports car performs better and is less …

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Jan 12

Sunday Commentary: The January Thaw

I hope where you are today is experiencing the same warm temperatures that we are here in the Midwest. After what has to be one of the worst and most depressing weather weeks I can remember finally we catch a break. I bet the car washes in my area are loving this. Hopefully if the …

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Jan 08

Watch a Dodge Viper get crushed

Some videos kind of tick me off and this is one of them. Some guy gets caught racing his Viper on the street and it gets impounded, then crushed. Now he shouldn’t have been racing on the street, there is no denying that. Stupid move. What is even more stupid is that our judicial system …

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Sep 20

The Viper’s Nest

The Dodge Viper was the stuff of dreams when I was coming of age. It’s classic looks and huge horsepower was enough to make any teenager want one. My love affair has waned a bit as I’ve gotten older but those early Viper’s are something special to me still. I’m willing to bet a lot …

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