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Jun 07

Sunday Drive

Another Sunday is here and I’ve been slacking a bit on the week in review. So much so I’m not even sure I’ll do it regularly. It would be great if I could do IG all day everyday for a living but there is a real world out that keeps me away sometimes. Still IG …

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May 18

Sunday Commentary: Changing things up

Sunday is running out but I’ve still got time to throw down a quick recap of the week. You have probably noticed I have started doing some tweaking to the look of the site. I still have plenty more work to do so bear with me and any weirdness that may result. In the meantime …

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May 11

Sunday Commentary: Happy Mother’s Day

In case you forgot it’s Mother’s Day so if you did forget you’ve still got some time to rush out and get something. There is your public service reminder of the week. What a busy weekend for the crew here at IG. First and foremost I was out at a couple shows this weekend. The …

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Apr 20

Sunday Commentary: Easter Sunday

Hopefully your Easter Sunday was full of family, friends, and good food. I realize not everyone celebrates Easter that reads IG and for those of you that this was just another Sunday hopefully it was warm and sunny and full of driving. No matter what Sunday was for you Spring is in full effect in …

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Apr 13

Sunday Commentary: you thought I forgot again

It appears as if the last thing I will do this weekend is write the Sunday Commentary. Another busy week for me kept too much from getting done here at IG but we did manage to have a pretty decent week. The weather seems to finally be getting better here in the Midwest although the …

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