May 27

The Fast and Furious Movie cars, Herbie the love bug and more

Sometimes there are places where I’m just not able to have my DSLR camera and I have to slyly get the job done with my cell phone. I visited a such place this weekend and while I’m still on vacation I’m not taking things too seriously. So here is a serious of some pretty horribly photographed movie cars from a museum. It was a neat museum feature cars from the Fast and the Furious as well as numerous other movies like the Green Hornet, Back to the Future, and Batman. So I took the best of this rag tag group of photos and decided to put them up on for you guys to enjoy or laugh at.

Audi R8

Audi R8

If you can’t tolerate rather poor photography you may just want to skip this article and wait for tomorrows offering which I promise is back to our normal standard of at least average photographic skills. However if you just want to see some neat cars then hit the jump and enjoy.

I’m not sure how a real version of Tow Mater exists but I’m glad it does. This is kind of a cool old truck inspired by the movie Cars.
tow mater from cars
I can’t say I’ve seen many Shelby Series One’s in my life. This one was pretty pristine. These are some seriously cool looking cars.
Shelby Series One
Here’s Herbie from the remake of Herbie the love bug with Lindsay Lohan. I’ll bet the inside of this one is sticky.
Herbie the Love bug
Everyone seems to hate on the Fast and Furious these days, it’s ok we know you all secretly like it. Here’s a Toyota Supra from one of the movies.
Fast and Furious Supra

It seems like the hero car from the Fast and Furious movies are typically American. You’ll remember this one from the first movie.

fast and furious

To wrap it up here is the Batmobile from the 1980s version of the movie. I can see Michael Keaton cruising in it now.
the bat mobile