Jan 06

The Ford EVOS

The Ford EVOS debuted at the Frankfurt Autoshow in 2011. It’s a bit of a design exercise, a what is possible if you will. It’s meant to showcase where Ford is heading, and while a lot of it is a bunch of futuristic concept stuff we will never see, you might be surprised at just what shows up on Ford vehicles in the not so distant future.

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Before we talk about the future, let’s talk about what the EVOS is. It’s a mid sized(think Fusion), four seater, fast back car, with a plug in hybrid type engine. The EVOS uses a lithium-ion battery, which we expect to see a lot more about early next year, when Ford launches the C-Max energy next year.


Ford is also using the EVOS to float it’s idea of having a car learn to adapt to the driver, conditions, and roads. Ford says it will use information from the driver’s “personal cloud” to adapt the car. Although they are still kind of vague with this, it probably means changing things like suspension settings, throttle responses, and steering input based on how each individual driver drives.


All this new technology, great look, and futuristic mumbo jumbo will make it to production in one form or another. The design will likely make it to the Fusion/Taurus in a more functional way. Of course the real car will have four doors and probably five seats. It will also have more pillars for safety and even though Ford says they will try to keep them thin, some thickness will need to be added for strength.


As mentioned earlier, the engine will likely make it’s way to the C-max energy. It’s more likely that the next Fusion/Tarus will see a four cylinder and an ecoboost option. It appears Ford plans to eliminate the V6 option from the midsized lineup.


Ford also says many of the interior styling cues of the EVOS will make it to the next Fusion/Tarus, although that’s one of those “believe it when you see it” things.


All in all, the EVOS is a great concept which will be making the rounds at the autoshows this year. Check it out for a glimpse of the future!