Dec 17

The next C7 Corvette teaser video:Craft

For as long as I can remember the dinosaurs of automotive journalism have critisized the Corvettes interior. They always say, great car, great, fun, great drive, great price, but the interior leaves much to be desired. Well the Corvette has always stood for affordable performance and compromises had to be made. This meant not having a Mercedes like interior and I was always fine with that because the the last two generations of Corvette have been amazing bang for the buck. However my opinion doesn’t matter and GM has addressed the big automags concerns by splasing the interior of the C7 in Carbon and cowhide. Below is a bit of a teaser video showing some stitching, cows being flopped around, and some high tech carbon. Enjoy as we are now under a month away from the full reveal of the C7 Vette at Detroit!

C7 Vette interior

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