Apr 09

two thirds of hybrid owner realize their mistake, and don’t buy another

According to the Detroit News hybrid owners don’t seem to stick to hybrids. A Polk study cited that only 35 percent of owners when returning to the market in 2011. This could be for many reason. Namely because hybrids are generally more expensive then their non hybrid counter parts. Possibly because they are boring. Ok the study didn’t say that, but that is certainly out stance here at I-G. There is nothing wrong with a hybrid in theory but I have a hard time believing they are the future in any long term way and until they quit looking like “hybrids” it’s going to be hard to win over the younger crowd which is the future of car buying. The new Honda CR-Z certainly goes a long way in not looking hybrid so I have to think there is hope out there. Of course $4 dollar a gallon gas will do a lot in pushing people toward hybrids and electrics but unless the prices come down on the cars themselves it’s doesn’t make much sense to trade your current car on a hybrid.

If you want to read more on the Polk study motor on over to the Detroit news site.

Source: Detroit News