Jan 08

Watch a Dodge Viper get crushed

Some videos kind of tick me off and this is one of them. Some guy gets caught racing his Viper on the street and it gets impounded, then crushed. Now he shouldn’t have been racing on the street, there is no denying that. Stupid move. What is even more stupid is that our judicial system (at least in some states) thinks that car deserves to die. IT DOES NOT.


I’m not that upset about the car. Let’s be honest with ourselves. More Vipers have been destroyed by asshats with more money then driving skill. The cars are notoriously hard to drive, especially the early ones and many have been totaled. Inevitably right after the phrase “watch this!” was uttered.

My point is why crush the car? There’s a chance the local police department could use the money from a sale or auction of the car. Or, heaven forbid we would sell the car and give the money to charity or maybe a local food bank which nearly all of them desperately needs help right now. Nope, gotta crush it, that will show them! It’s this kind of stupidity that boils my blood. What’s a good used gen 3 Viper go for these days? 30-50k? That would feed a lot of hungry people, or buy a lot of text books for the local school, or well you get the picture. Stupidity wins though and now this car is worth a few hundred in scrap. Go America!

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