Jun 12

Wentzville Cruise Night: Mopar or No Car

The amount of Mopar at Wentzville cruise night this year was pretty impressive. On my side of the Mississippi River you just don’t see that much. It’s heaven for Camaro and Mustang fans, but when you cross that river over into Missouri it seems the Mopar comes out in droves. As they say Mopar or no car.
Roadrunners, Cudas, Barracudas, and even a Coronet or two were out roaming the strip and looking great doing it. I saw everything from slant sixes to a big 572 with a blower. Needless today the Mopars were well represented. Let’s take a look at more.

A bit of a close up of the Road Runners headlights. One of the great front ends of the muscle car era.
Looks good from the rear too.

Our twitter and facebook fans will have already seen this Cuda. Ready for paint or just leave it primer gray. It’s pretty cool either way.
Little Charger power. No doubt the Dodge Charger is one of the most collectible cars of all time.
a little earlier example of the Dodge Charger. Probably the more iconic of the two, but either is welcome in my garage.
68 was a great year.
Before the legendary Hemi Cuda was born the Plymouth Barracuda was out there prowling the streets.
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is this 572 supercharged Plymouth Cuda. Bad ass.
Back to the Barracuda. They have some quirky lines but as a total package they are pretty cool.
We’ll end this post with a look at some muscle all lined up and cruising. What a great sight.