Sep 11

White Hall Drag O Way Reunion part 3: Rods and Wagons

As I mentioned earlier the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion show offered a pretty wide variety of cars. From a Corvair wrecker, to traditional hot rods and wagons. We have a lot more to cover but for today we will take a look at these beauties.

One thing I’ve certainly never seen before is a Corvair wrecker. This is one eye grabbing custom.

Another more traditional hot rod from the show. This roadster is a real attention getter even with the top up.

There were no shortage of Corvairs at the Reunion and this one is a rarer wagon. Wagons are cool!

More proof that wagons are cool! Why would anyone buy an SUV when you could have one of these?

Lastly another traditional hot rod. What a great way to advertise. That’s something for us to think about as we grow, but I don’t suppose infinite-garage.com would look right on a hot rod.

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