Mar 19

World of Wheels: Omaha car show

Car show season is here! We kick off what hopes to be our busiest season ever with the World of Wheels show in Omaha Nebraska. World of Wheels celebrates the custom car. You will see very few if any stock cars here. We love custom cars at IG so World of Wheels is right up our ally. So for today we have bit an overview of the action and later in the week we will do some more specific articles.

1984 911 Carrera

Our editor Chris tackled the Wow show for us, while not a pro photographer he did a fine job getting us some great shots. Indoor shows are tough because the lighting is horrid, and the crowds are thick. Hats off to Chris for getting us some good stuff. You can hit the jump for a bit of a mish mash of the show and we’ll get more specific later.

At World of Wheels you find every thing from mild to wild. This 1966 Chevy Nova wagon is on the wild side of things.
66 Nova Wagon

Maybe you have a little one at home who is not quite old enough for cars. How about a radio flyer hot rod wagon? Pretty sweet stuff in my opinion
radio flyer

World of Wheels featured three generations of Bat Mobile. This one is from the latest movie, we’ll take a look at the others a bit later in the week.

We affectionately call these cars transmarobirds.
trans am camaro
I love seeing dragsters. Like this sweet Nova, and rail. Drag racing I think is misunderstood by alot. People think it’s a straight line, it’s easy. I assure you it is not. Especially at the level these two cars are built.
drag racers
Wrapping up today’s post with more racing action. This awesome open wheel racer was once raced by AJ Foyt and AJ Watson. It’s ice cold.
AJ Foyt

That wraps up today’s World of Wheels coverage. We’ll have plenty more as the week rolls on.