Dec 25

Year end Awards 2012 Best sports car under $30,000

One of the most popular segments is the sporty car under $30,000. This category is small but growing thanks to the success of cars like the Mazda Miata, Subaru WRX, and Hyundai Genesis Coupe. None of which made our best of for this year. If you have been at all paying attention this year you probably know the winner but let’s first take a look at the other contenders.

2nd Runner up: 2012 VW GTI

With the 2 door GTI starting at a hair over 23k it’s a pretty decent bargain. With 200hp, light weight and all the stereo goodies you’d like it’s a lot of fun in a small package. Even the fully loaded 4 door hatch is reasonably priced with great options. It would be awfully hard for us to not include the GTI on the list.

1st runner up: The V6 Ford Mustang.
It wasn’t all that long ago the V8 powered Ford Mustang was making just a shade over 300hp, now you get that in the six. It makes for a lighter, cheaper, and still fun to drive alternative for fans of the legendary stallion. Starting at $22,000 (mullet not included) it is the least expensive car to make our list just edging out the GTI and beating the Aventador’s price by nearly $380,000!

V6 Ford Mustang

Honorable mention: The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador
With it’s giant V12 engine and well over 600hp the Aventador is surely the fastest car of the group. It’s stunning good looks, amazing sound track, and exclusivity make it something to be desired. However it’s $400,000 dollar price tag keeps it off our list for this year. Better luck next year Lamborghini.

The winner for the Infinite Garage 2012 best sporty car under $30,000 is……

The Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS.
Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ was a shoe in from launch when we got to drive it’s sister car the Toyota GT-86. At around $25,000, RWD, 200hp it’s light weight and lots of fun. We hope this continues a trend of cheap, RWD, sports cars to appease the enthusiast out there.

Tune in tomorrow when we look at the over $30,000 bunch.