Aug 07

1938 Chevy Master Deluxe from the Got Faith Show

We love hot rods here at IG but we really love hot rods that get used and here’s a perfect example of how you can combine a car you can drive with amazing show quality. This car has 38,000 miles on it after it was rodded and restored, that’s more then my 2006 daily driven Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. I need to drive more. I digress though because you’ve got to see this 38.

What’s a classic hot rod without some classic flames? These look right at home down the side of the Chevy.

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Moving around to the back you’ll see a modern third tail molded into the rear deck.

The front is full of detail with that classic big grill, the old Chevrolet logo, and that cowl scoop giving it a mean look. How do you know this is a 38 you might say? Check out the grill, horizontal bars vs the vertical bars of the 1937 model tell us this is indeed a 38.

Inside we see a wonderfully done interior. There is even a hide away cup holder under the middle that slides out. Again this is a driver so they wanted the creature comforts of a newer car with the amazing styling of an older car. This car also has modern seat belts which are a smart touch.

One thing that really caught my eye with this car was the instrument cluster. I love the polished look with the chrome bezels contrast with the awesome Stewart Warner “wings” gauges. The gold trim ring really sets these off. The cluster is custom made by the owner.

By this time it was spitting rain again and I was trying to get my pics taken in a hurry. The owner was nice enough to open the hood so I could get some shots there. Probably a stock engine under there right? Yeah right, Tons of custom work here from the wire loom to those classic Edlebrock valve covers.

Let’s head around back again to the extremely clean trunk. There is some trickeration going on here with the spare and battery laying under the false floor.

You know it’s sitting on Cragars, anything else would just be blasphemy.

I love badges. They tell the history of a company, and the history of a car. Just think of the sights this badge has seen in it’s days.

I’ll end this article with a shot of the hood ornament. This is one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken. It seems appropriate to end the article with it.

I wish I could have chatted with the owner more, but with the rain trying to fall and I’m sure he had other people he wanted to chat with I didn’t want to bother him much. It was an honor to get to see his beauty of a 38 Chevy.