Jan 13

2014 Barrett Jackson’s TV Schedule

I’ve gotten some questions about Barrett Jackson coverage and what channel it will be on and all that sort of thing. No we do not have anyone out at Barrett Jackson. We still may figure out something though to get some pics of the event. In the mean time if you are going to be watching the event from the comfort of your home you will need to know the TV schedule which is screwy to put it nicely. With the demise of the Speed network B-J coverage will be all over the place on channels I didn’t even know existed.

Chevy Impala SS

I’ll do the best I can to guide you through this weeks schedule. Just hit the jump to see when and where you can watch the auction.

Tuesday January 14th kicks off the coverage on the Foxsports 2 channel. Don’t have the Foxsports 2 channel? Well you aren’t alone. I didn’t even know it existed until today. Coverage runs from 5-7pm but then switches over to the Fox Business Channel from 7pm-9pm. Nothing says good business like an auction where people over pay for cars they can buy elsewhere for half the cost!

Wednesday January 15th and Thursday the 16th will see the same schedule. Foxsports 2 from 5-7pm and 7-9pm on Fox Business.

Friday January 17th sees Fox 1 take over coverage which is probably the old Speed channel on your TV. Coverage runs from Noon to 7pm, and then switches to Fox Business from 7pm-10pm

Saturday the 18th coverage switches to Fox from 1-3pm then the National Geographic Channel for the ultimate in WTF in TV coverage. That will last from 3pm to 10pm.

Sunday the 19th will see things on Fox Sports 2 from 12-3pm and wrap up on Fox sports 1 from 3-5pm.

If there was any doubt that we would miss Speed that should have gone away now seeing the cluster (expletive) that is the TV coverage for this years Barrett Jackson.

-All times are MST so adjust accordingly for your location.