May 23

1934 Chevy Hot Rod

Hot rodding by definition is a craft where the craftsman has all kinds of tricks, secrets, and hidden goodies for the observer to see any every time the car is looked at. However occasionally one pops up that is mind blowingly good. Think back to Dan Garner’s 33 Willys which was one of those once or twice a year hot rods that has got all the right stuff. Well recently I stumbled across another one in this bitchin 1934 Chevy that is LT 1 powered and sitting on air ride. It is the definition of cool.
1934 hot rod

Stumbling across cars like this excites me. I can not quite put my finger on why, except for that it is exceptionally well done. Now I invision you guys over on the west coast see awesome rods every day, but here in the Midwest, especially at the smaller shows these top tier hot rods are rare. That’s not saying we don’t see hundreds of cool rods every year but….well let’s get on to the pictures so you can see what I’m going on about.

Awesome custom wheels go a long way to making a car.
custom hot rod wheels
The rear fender can barely contain that fat meat back there and the air ride suspension has the car sitting just right.
custom wheels and air ride suspension
No offense to anyone who puts those rubber mats on their hot rods, but it completely ruins the look. Oh I get the functionality but check out how sweet the Chevy looks with those super long, low, and wide running boards unmolested by a rubber mat? I just can’t imagine this car with them, and I’m so glad I don’t have to wonder what it would look like with out them.
chevy hot rod
I’m not sure how functional those tiny wipers are, but I don’t suppose this car sees much rain.
One feature of this car is ghost flames, they are very ghost. The camera had a hard time catching them, heck my eyes had a hard time catching them. They are really awesome though and all over the hood and side vents.
chevy hot rod ghost flames
the hood of a chevy hot rod
Moving to the interior where sometimes a hot rod can be let down a bit, the elegance and breath taking beauty carries over well. I love every thing about it. It all fits well in a way that makes it look like it was designed this way from the factory.
steering wheel
Here’s a little better shot of the shifter knob.
shifter knob
The seats are well done and look quite comfy. The stitching is excellent.
Custom seats
Only two pedals needed on this ride.
pedal work
The engine choice was made long ago for this car as the owner told me that this has been a nearly 10 year project. So you might be thinking LS1, but in fact it’s an LT1. Still plenty potent I’m sure.
Maybe my favorite thing of all about this 1934 Chevy is it gets driven. Too many times I see these pristine show cars with literally no miles on it, but not this one. No it’s not a daily driver, why would you do that to this beauty but it does have nearly 7,000 miles on it which in our book is something very nice to see.
chevy hot rod

At the end of the day I’ll go any where to see a bunch of cars getting together. The stories, the variety, the custom touches are all great, but it’s gems like this that really get me excited to get up early drive a few hours and get to a show.