Nov 26

Classic cars at the LA Autoshow

By now you have surely seen the news from the LA Autoshow. It was all pretty boring really, as it usually is. LA while gaining in stature just doen not quite stand up to the likes of Detroit and Chicago with the new car releases. However new cars are not the only thing to be found at the LA Autoshow there was also a nice mix of classic muscle and other greats. Since that is kind of our thing here at IG I thought maybe you’d want to check it out.


It is rare the feature car of an article is a Japenese import, but this is no ordinary import. It’s a Toyota 2000 GT. I think it might be the most beautiful car to ever come out of Japan. It is also pretty rare.

Mopar or no car. Gotta love a classic Challenger.
If you haven’t seen the movie Grease, don’t bother. Still this is a pretty cool car from the movie.
Delehay. Rare, luxurious, and expensive.
The man, the myth, the legend. The great George Barris who always looks like he’s having a blast.
One of his great creations. The Munsters mobile.
Another beauty.
The batmobile! Also a Barris creation in case you are the one person reading that didn’t know that.
Shebly GT350 is as cool as it gets.
Finally the new Shelby widebody is pretty sweet.

So there’s the quick and dirty from LA. I will probably do a bit of a highlights post later in the week.

photo source: Newspress USA.