May 30

Hot Rod Trucks, the biggest trend running

It is completely undeniable that the hottest trend in the classic car world is actually classic trucks. They are every where now, from the rat look to full on show and shine if you hit just about any show you are destine to see a whole slug of them and with good reason. They are awesome. So today we take a look at some of classics from the Loafer’s Car Club show.
1953 Chevy

Whether it’s been nicely restored like the 1953 Chevy above or a bit ratted out like some of them below a nicely done truck just looks right. The cool thing about a lot of these old trucks is that they are hard to find these days because unlike most of the trucks made today, these trucks worked. So who knows that 53 above could have been roaming around a farm here in the Midwest, worked to death, then brought back to it’s former glory.

If aftermarket wheels and modifications are not your thing there are a few back to original trucks out there. This Chevy was awesome. No air ride, no big wheels, no new fancy motor, just brought back to the way it was. It was a look back in time.
original chevy truck

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this reasonably new Chevy Silverado. It had air ride, big wheels, and a whole host of other goodies.
chevy silvarado on air ride

Don’t worry Ford guys, you’re covered as well. This Ranger is just getting started on it’s journey as a show car. I over heard the owner saying a big new stereo is next.
Ford Ranger

Of course the classic trucks make great canvases to customize. The paint on this Chevy was excellent.
Custom Chevy truck
Of course fans of traditional hot rods will love this well used truck.
chevy rat truck

Chevy truck

An early example of an SUV? Nah, way cooler then any SUV.
restored delivery truck