Feb 25

Nothing but hot rods

Hot Rods have been around in some form since the 1930s when the Southern California Timing Association began running out on the salt flats. From then on the quest for speed was on. Some of it’s roots can even be traced back to prohibition and of course moonshine running when the goal was not timing records but losing the law. While it is generally accepted that the 1930s saw the birth of hot rodding the trend really hit the ground running after World War II. Soldiers and sailors came home from the war and wanted to put their new found mechanical skills to work seeking the thrills an average life could not get them.
Of course no car was as popular as a Ford. First T-buckets, then Model A’s and Bs. Probably none of those more popular than the 32 Ford. One of the most replicated bodies of all time the originals of course are all steel, but no reproductions are made of everything from steel, to fiberglass, and even high tech composites like carbon fiber. Of course there are other varieties of hot rod as well and today I intend to look at many. It’s the middle of winter and I want to see some hot rods. Let’s hit the jump and celebrate that uniquely American piece of bad ass known as the hot rod.

Of course many prefer their Ford hot rod to have a flat head but that is not always possible or practical. Over the years the engine of choice has gone from flat heads, to the 60 horse, the mighty HEMI, and of course the small block Chevy. On today’s hot rodding scene you just never know what you will see. Like this diesel powered hot rod below.
hot rod with diesel engine

Of course you gotta love a flathead.
flat head ford
As of late the rat rod trend has been hot as fire. The only limit is your imagination.
1929 rat rod
A classic roadster just might be your thing. If so there are plenty of those to go around in the hot rod world. Few that look this sexy though.
white walls and rat rods
Maybe you prefer the full fender look with a roof over your head. It’s a timeless classic.

Ford hot rod wallpaper


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from a rat rod is the full on show queen. Shine everywhere and little details to keep a fan looking for hours to find them all. These are generally high dollar high maintenance machines.
1934 hot rod
Inside and out attention to detail is the key.
pedal work
Custom touches can really set off a car.
vintage hot rod

That will wrap up todays look at hot rods. Maybe later in the week I’ll look at some of my favorite muscle cars.