May 12

Sunday Commentary: Mother’s Day edition

Mother’s Day is here which must mean the weather is getting warmer in here in the Midwest. Yeah right, it was 35 degrees last night. That does not mean the hot rods, muscle cars, and classics are not out in full force though. I put a little over 350 miles on my car yesterday in the quest for finding some interesting things to shoot and I was not disappointed. I was able to hit up the Loafer’s Car Club show in Mark Twain’s home town of Hannibal, Missouri to see a nice mix of cars. The weather was pretty good and friends old and new gathered to celebrate the car. It is not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

classic Mustang

As you can see from the Ford Mustang above the quality was high at the show. As the week progresses I will have a ton more from the banks of the Mississippi so stay tuned for that. You can of course hit the jump for the week in review, another sneak peak of things to come, and a look at a few other things we have planned for the week.

New 911 Turbo
We had a busy week this week with lots of news, our first car care product review, and the general Tom Foolery that comes with these parts. Early in the week we talked about the new Porsche 911 Turbo. With gobs of power, lots of technology, and that classic 911 styling it’s sure to be a hit. So if you missed that article you may want to head back to Monday and check it out.
911 brakes

Race coverage
Our own Renowrench put some serious time in this week covering the Rally in Argentina as well as MotoGP. The photos are stunning and the action on the track was pretty sweet too.

Latvala 2013 WRC Rally Argentina

©Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH

Did you get your weekly dose of wallpaper Wednesday? This week was a sweet bagged Apache pick up truck from Billetproof. Air bags have been popular for a long time now but it seems to have just gone wild lately and we approve. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and now you can have a sweet Apache desktop background.
Chevrolet Apache

Film Friday
Film Friday was especially packed this week with lots of awesome on track footage as well as some behind the scenes stuff. If you missed any of it be sure to check it out as we know everyone likes videos.
Alexander Rossi Drive the Lotus 49

That about sums up this weeks Sunday Commentary. It seems like finally the awful early Spring weather has broken here in the Midwest which means everyone is anxious to get out to the car shows. Luckily I was able to do a lot of networking yesterday and get the skinny on where some shows I did not previously know about are. Hopefully this will help make up for the lost shows of early Spring as we are now going on 9 events washed out so far. At the end of the month is another Fifth Friday Cruise in with the White Hall Drag O Way boys. I’m sure it will be a nice turn out if the weather cooperates. I know I’ll make the trek. Until next time keep it shiny side up!
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