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Dec 25

Merry Christmas! Twin Turbo Trans Am style

twin turbo

It’s Christmas time all across this great land and I hope under your tree is something to help you achieve your high octane dreams. Maybe a new 4 barrel carb, or a set of long tubes. What ever ends up under your tree I hope you have a safe and fun Christmas filled with family …

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Sep 16

WHDOW: The Generals Cars, Camaros old and new, Pontiac, and Yenko

yenko sc badge

The General was well represented at the WHDOW Reunion from old to new there was a little bit of everything for bowtie fans. The only thing hotter then the weather were the cars and if I had to guess I’d say GM was the most represented of the big three at the show. Now we …

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Jul 20

Blown Pontiac GTO: The Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

If you are reading this you probably know that the Pontiac GTO was the car that started it all for muscle cars. Not all GTOs are created equally. Some are stock, some are for cruising, some are for racing and some are just over the top bad ass. Like the Pro Street Goat we shot …

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Jun 06

Rust Revival: Exit to planet Rust

unknown hot rod

The Rust Revival happens every spring in the tiny Northern Missouri town of Wayland, Missouri. Here hot rods of the older more traditional variety gather to bring the thunder to the streets of this small Midwestern town and show off their truly insane creations. It’s a rare treat to see a gathering of this much …

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Mar 07

Muscle Cars and Hot Rods


Nothing fancy or exciting today, I just decided to go through my photos and post some awesome muscle car shots I’ve taken. I think you guys will like that. Plus we’ve had way too much on hyper cars, super cars, and stupidly expensive cars this week. Let’s get back to our roots. MUSCLE CARS. So …

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