Sep 08

White Hall Drag O Way Reunion Part 1

Once again it is time to get together with our friends at the White Hall Drag O Way, but this time not for their normal cruise in but for their big annual Reunion. This year makes 10 years these guys have been doing this and they had a HUGE turn out. To put things in perspective this show probably doubled the population of White Hall, Illinois for the day. With a couple hundred cars, prizes, burn out contests, and cars from classics, to muscle, cars and even some modern machines this get together is a heck of a blow out. Not to mention mother nature cooperated perfectly, with the best weather day West Central Illinois has seen in months. The coolest thing about all of this is these guys do real good in the community with their fundraising efforts.

This post is just a teaser if you will because with so many cars to see one post will just not do. Over the next week or so I will try and get out a bunch of coverage from the reunion and do a feature car or two, but don’t be surprised if sometime in the winter some coverage from this show pops back up on the site because there is just so much to see.

For now though, hit the jump to check out a few highlights from the show and stay tuned for lots more in the coming days.

There were several Cobras at the show, some real, some kits, all pretty awesome. Expect to see plenty more of these as our coverage rolls on over the coming days.

I’m not sure if there is an official name for this path in the park at White Hall but if not may I suggest Thunder Road? This had to be the best sounding street in the world today.

Just a peak at the legendary Red Alert.

The Pro Street scene is absolutely huge right and it was well represented at White Hall. This GTO was a real jaw dropper. You will definitely get a full article on this one sometime down the road.

I will end this article with what could easily be my pick for best in show. I’m not saying it is, I’ll reveal that at a later date with a full feature on the winner, but this could be it. A Willys that is SBC powered. This car has a lot of body work and trickeration, too much to talk about for now but stay tuned.

That will wrap it up for tonight. Finally my rush from all that horsepower and custom work at the show today is wearing off and my bed is calling me after a long week of traveling, but hopefully these pictures were enough to wet your appetite for lots more to come.

Again I want to thank all the guys at the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion for always being gracious and welcoming when I show up and invade one of their get togethers. If you are in the area you gotta get out to a cruise in or show they put on or make plans to attend next years reunion. I know I won’t miss it.

Here is a short video of the Willys cruising into the Reunion this morning.