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Mar 28

Old Challenger vs New Challenger

It’s a question as old as time itself. What’s better an old car or a new car? Honestly it doesn’t matter but it’s fun to see videos like this. Now let’s be clear on a couple things. First the driver of the new Challenger sucks. Could be new to the car, new to the track, …

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May 12

Loafers Car Club Car Show

Nestled in along the river bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River lies a town made world famous by a man named Samuel Clemons. You just might know him by his other name Mark Twain. Every May the old historic district of the town hosts an event that fills the streets normally lined with tourist full …

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Oct 12

Custom Dodge Challenger RT

The new Dodge Challenger is hugely popular among Mopar enthusiast and it’s no secret why. Great looks, great ride, lots of power, and the best sounding engine in production today make for one heck of a nice ride. Now add some custom things from the Mopar catalog, a few other aftermarket pieces, a custom stereo, …

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Sep 10

The return of the Barracuda

A while back we floated the rumor that Dodge was working on a Barracuda to add to it’s lineup. We thought thay the Barracuda may replace the Challenger and be a smaller lighter car more in line with the Mustang, but Dodge doesn’t really do small and light these days so that seemed unlikely. More …

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