Jul 30

1929 Rat Rod

Hot rods are the kings of cool cars and rat rods are the hottest thing going in hot rods. Now some people would hate me using the term rat rod to describe a car, and some people use that term with pride. I’m not all that interested in political correctness so I’m calling this a rat rod. what ever you call it, it is one of the coolest things I’ve come across in a long time. Long and low is cool to me and it does not get much lower then this. Every detail has it’s place and every place has a detail. More importantly the car is not cluttered with contrived Americana for the sake of have it. The car is just done right.


Admittedly this post is going to lack a lot of details. You are going to have to draw your own conclusions here on just what is done this beauty. I can tell you that’s a Chevy under the hood and I heard a rumor a hotter cam was going in it soon. Other than that details are a bit scant. Where my reporting skills have failed, my photography skills will prevail. They say a picture is worth a thousands words anyway so I figure I’ve got 14,000 or so words wrapped up in photos. Who wants to do all that reading anyway?

awesome vintage 7 up cooler tucked away.
he PRB tap pull handle makes a great top for your air cleaner.



love the pinstripping on the back of the headlights.
The visor is ultra cool with the pressed holes.
This is pretty much what a new Mercedes S class is like on the inside, you know minus all the stuff you don’t need and add some flavor.
Some more pinstripes to make the details pop.


don’t get to close. Sadly that crappy “radioactive” song from the 80s popped in my head when I saw this decal. That probably says more about me than anything.
I like a nice rear end.


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