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Jan 30

The VW Beetle 65 Years in the US

The VW Beetle is timeless with a following as fervent as any other car out there. It would probably be more appropriate for our own Reno to be writing this article but he is probably busy pushing his own Beetle up a hill so I’ll take the reins here. Everyone has a Beetle story. The …

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Nov 12

Future Classic: The GMC Syclone

We aren’t exactly truck people here at Infinite Garage unless of course it’s a 57 Chevy truck or maybe a classic Ford. However by the 1990s trucks were pretty damn boring. Except for one, the GMC Syclone. A special edition hotted up truck based on the GMC Sonoma. With the soul of a muscle car …

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Jul 23

Buick GNX – Black Air Documentary

Buick GNX

The Buick GNX, a car from the 1980s that ran the quarter in 13.5 and did 0-60 in 4.7s. Hit the jump to find out more about the Buick that Darth Vader would drive.

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Apr 18

Future Classic: Terminator Cobra

20013 Mustang Cobra

The Terminator Cobra is the stuff of legends, you take a Mustang, have the wizards at SVT work it over and the result is an icon of the early 2000s. The Terminator is a 2003/04 Ford Mustang Cobra that was produced back when SVT was still making the Cobras. It’s the baddest of the SVT …

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Feb 09

Future Classic: Mazda RX7


The Mazda RX7 used to be a cult classic, however with the explosion of the Fast and Furious movie series it has become mainstream. Now hugely popular especially among the younger generations the quirky rotary powered sports car is sure to be a future classic. Photo By Will Vison So what is it about the …

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