Jan 21

1st 2014 Z28 Camaro sells for $650,000

Last weekend the first production Chevrolet Camaro Z28 was auctioned off for charity at Barrett Jackson. This sort of thing is getting to be pretty common place in the car world and we are glad to see the money going to good causes. So who was the winning bidder of the 505hp 7L monster? Who else, Rick Hendrick? No doubt a huge car guy he’s a staple at Barrett Jackson and of course has many Chevy dealers and oh yeah a Nascar team.
2014 Z/28 at the Nurburgring
Hendrick shelled out $650,000 for the honor of getting the first Z28 and why not? You only get one shot to be the first owner of #1. After the jump we have a video of the bidding going down so you might want to check that out.