Jan 16

2015 Ford Mustang Walk Around from NAIAS

By now I am sure everyone is well aware of the new Mustang making it’s way to showrooms in November. Wide, lower, and more powerful it promises to be a great ride and maybe the best Mustang to date. Finally gone is the old live rear axle and in is a independent suspension meaning it should handle pretty well. Now we’ve got some live pics from the showroom floor at the North American International Autoshow.


Not only was the regular 2015 Mustang on display at Detroit but the Convertible model was as well. We have a walk around of each so if you haven’t gotten to see Ford’s new power pony up close and personal yet hit the jump for a view from every angle.



There will be a Mustang for everyone coming due to go on sale in November of this year. With three engine options from the 2.3L ecoboost making 300hp, or a traditional V6 making 305hp, and finally the big Coyote 5.0L V8 pumping out 440hp. Coupled with that upgraded suspension any one of them should be a lot of fun to drive.


photosource: NewspressUSA