Mar 31

31 Koupe

Every month there is five Friday’s there is a cruise in at the small Midwestern town of White Hall, Illinois put on by the guys from the White Hall Drag-o-way group. For a few hours after work family, friends, food, and some seriously awesome cars all meet up for a good time. We will have full coverage of the event as the week goes along, but for today I wanted to post some pictures of this fantastic 31 Coupe (named 31 Koupe) that greeted me as I pulled into the lot. I’ve always thought that if my love for muscle cars waned or my bank account grew I’d do a hot rod and I can imagine it would end up something like this.

Pictures galore of this beauty after the jump, so continue reading for some awesomeness and be sure to check back in a few days for the rest of the amazing cars from the Fifth Friday Cruise in.

Hot Rods are different things to different people. To me it’s all about the details which this 31 has plenty of them.

exposed suspension and brakes are possibly the coolest thing in the world.

Would have loved to get a better look on the hood but with a nice sized crowd, tons of cars, and fading daylight I didn’t have time to bother the owner for a better look at the engine bay. Maybe next time.

Special thanks again to the White Hall Drag O Way crew for an excellent Friday evening of American classics.