Jul 16

707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat priced at $59,900

In what can be called the shock of the century we learn today that the 707hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will get a price of $59,900. Call me stunned. I thought for sure this was a $75,000 car. So let’s call it a $60,000 dollar car and discuss what you can buy for $60,000 that will run a 10 second quarter mile. If you are struggling to think of something well I am to. In fact the answer is nothing. Now I realize the world isn’t all about quarter miles (I mean it is but…) So for those of you who like twisties I guess you could get a Vette for that price and probably do more damage on a road course. However if balls to the wall hot nasty bad ass speed is your thing well the Hellcat is for you. $60,000. That’s cheap for that kind of power.
Well done SRT, well done.