Jul 25

A future classic the Ford Mustang

So far we’ve looked at classics from last weekends show but today we will change things up a bit and look at something newer. The cool thing about Mustangs is there are a million ways to customize one and make it your own and this one is a perfect example of that. The owner says she’s just getting started and plans to piece her master plan together a part at a time and I have no doubt it will be one fine stallion when it’s all said and done. Starting with Grabber Orange is a pretty good way to get attention at the shows.

As always hit the jump for loads more pictures of this prime example of a new Mustang.

I’ll get this out of the way early, this Mustang is a V6 and while I’m certainly known for being a V8 fanboy I can appreciate making a V6 cool. Showing cars isn’t all about horsepower anyway and this car can hold it’s own at any show as you’ll see.

The black GT spoiler on Grabber Orange really sets off the rear.

A nice custom C stripe to dress up the car.

The interior is stock “for now” as the owner said. The stock interior gets the job done on the Mustang especially when it’s this clean.

The tail end features a custom third brake light cover.

We’ll finish up this look at the front end. I love the California special bumper. The black on the lower lip looks awesome.

That will wrap it up for the Mustang, I know what you are thinking “where’s a whole car pic.” Yep, I screwed that one up. I think at this point the tar and the road was about three inches thick on my shoe and I was roasting from the heat and I may have just forgotten to take a picture of the whole car. Someday I’ll get this photography thing right.

Stay tuned for more from the show later in the week!