Aug 01

A spectacular 50 Chevy

Nice cars are dime a doze, but cars that are mind blowingly good are very rare. This is one of those cars. Pictures can not do this thing justice, especially when I’m taking those pictures. I was able to briefly talk with the owners wife but unfortunately the owner was out and about at the show and I couldn’t speak with him. I want to know every thing there is to know about this car and hopefully I can run into him again someday. Maybe even do a real photoshoot. One can dream can’t we?

On to the pics. As you can see there is tons of custom body work here. It’s no shocker the owner is a professional body man.

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The amazing custom work doesn’t stop with the body. Under the hood has some special treatment as well.

The paintwork not only features tons of flake but check out those ghost flames. You absolutely can not see these from say ten feet away but as soon as you get close they pop. They were a challenge to photograph but I managed to get a hint of them here.

This thing looks like it’s just sitting on the ground. The long and low look is a classic and it’s pulled off here perfectly. This car has stance.

Every detail matters and you can look at this car for days and not see all the things that are done to this car. In fact you just about need to be a professional body man to appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into the 50 Chevy. However here is an easily spotted detail.

Even more detail work on the tails.

Even the interior is custom and sleek.

Lastly a look at the sidepipes, awesome rims, and white walls. Is there any doubt that this was Infinitegarage.coms best of show for the Carrollton Show a few weeks ago?

I hope you enjoyed this amazing 50 Chevy. I hope my pictures atleast did it a little justice because this car deserves loads of praise for the hard work that went to make it the amazing machine it is today.