Jun 21

A45 AMG, C63 Black sold out! no SLS sedan

A series of news stories from Mercedes today and most of it bad. First up is the C63 AMG Black. Sadly it’s sold out. Originally Mercedes had planned just 650 of the beast but upped the production run to 800 because of the demand. Clearly they could pump out a few more. Prices start at $105,000 which is proof that while things suck for us normal folk it’s pretty damn good for the well off of the country. I’d have a hard time not buying a black if I had the 100k to spend. Maybe with the wing delete option.

Second is that we will not get the awesome A45 AMG. In case you aren’t familiar with the A45 AMG it’s Mercedes hot hatch featuring a 2.0L turbo pumping out a robust 330hp and 295 torques. Oh and it’s AWD. Yep we want that here and of course like many of Europe’s finest we won’t get it. We also don’t get it’s main competitor the Audi RS3 sportback. Why do the Germans hate us so much?

Lastly Mercedes says there is no plant for an SLS sedan. Thank you!

sources: Inside Line, Mercedes, Leftlane.