Feb 03

The Best Super Bowl Car Commericals

Commercials are sometimes as good as the game itself. The game yesterday was probably pretty good depending on who you were rooting for but for us car guys there was a lot of eye candy and fun to be had in the commercials. I’ve put together a list of our favorites with each commercial in video below.

toyota muppets

Advertisers pay big money for super bowl time so the pressure is on their advertising agencies to create a memorable commercial. Let’s take a look at the best and let us know how they did.

Maserati tried to inspire us all with a commercial that is getting a lot of good reviews on social media. It certainly makes our list although some users were concerned that maybe it missed it’s target audience.

The Chevy Silverado hit a big home run with “Romance.” A story about a man, a truck, and a bull looking for love. I got a good chuckle out of it and if you haven’t seen it I bet you will too.

Hyaundai had a winner with their sixth sense commercial. Dad’s are always there to look out for their kids but I guess sometimes they need a little help from their Hyaundais as well. The weirdest part was the cameo by a Mitsu Evo.

As of right now I can’t find a video of it but WeatherTech’s made in America was pretty awesome. Too often we here American workers are too expensive, doing business here is too expensive, taxes are too high, skilled workers, are hard to find, etc, etc. We all know that is all a load of horse BLANK that companies use to lobby for lower taxes, lower wages, and to hurt people. WeatherTech makes kick ass floor mats and trunk liners right here in America.

VW Wings. Everytime a VW hits 100k miles an engineer gets his wings. It was a pretty good commercial. Surprise at the end so watch it all the way through.

Toyota teamed up Terry Crews for an interesting commercial featuring the Muppets. I wonder what Terry was on to see all those muppets? It’s getting some pretty mixed reviews but I gotta think kids liked it and if you can hook kids early you got em for life. Probably a good move by Toyota.

My last pick is the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial. Now I doubt Bob Dylan has a Chrysler 200. However it was cool but bordering on odd. Which sums up Bob Dylan.

Those are my picks, what’s your favorite?