Jan 24

Car Show Pics from the Past: Hot Rods

Car Shows can be hit or miss for good photos because of crowds, lighting conditions, and a million other factors that can screw up a good shot of the perfect hot rod. Since it is the middle of winter there aren’t exactly many shows going on near Infinite-Garage head quarters here in the midwest so I’ve been rooting through some of the 5000 or so photos I took last year to see if there were any gems I may have missed. Gems would be a stretch for some of these but there are some pretty cool cars that for what ever reason didn’t make the cut in the main show articles.
Classic Hot rod

Like this hot rod above. Sweet car, terrible lighting, but this pic is good enough to show you guys in the cold dead of winter when we are all just dreaming of seeing awesome cars again.

This one with traditional flames and fenders was pretty rad, but it was packed in tight with other cars.
classic rod
This panel van might be perfection. Those wheels are awesome.
low rider

Another example of a classic two tone paint scheme. purple and pearl white look awesome together.
two tone paint

This shot was looking up the hot rod hill at the Louisiana Colorfest. This was a super cool show on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.
up the hill of hot rods

There’s just a few of the left overs from the year gone by. I’ll have plenty more as the winter scoots on.