Feb 13

Craigs list find: R code Hemi Cuda

Last week we told you about the cool Super Stock Savoy on ebay and that article turned out to be a pretty big hit so I thought maybe we’d try to find another cool classic this week up for sale. Turns out I didn’t have to look hard because my buddy Jake sent me this one last night. According to the seller it’s a real deal R code Hemi Cuda from 1970. Now he has no proof of that but who am I to argue? Obviously if you are doing the buying you’ll want to check out the tag to make sure that’s legit.

drag racing hemi cuda
I suppose the first thing you will notice is that sweet vintage racing paint scheme. Well according to the listing this car was raced by Earnest Montgomery. No idea who that is and a simple google search turns up nothing at all. So… He may not exactly be a drag racing legend. Now whether or not this car has any real racing pedigree is beside the point. It’s damn cool. More photos and info after the jump.

Hemi Cuda engine

The more you read the ad on this Cuda the stranger things get. The seller claims the car has been to Pakistan and back. According to the seller the car was originally plum crazy. Which is actually wrong since Plum Crazy was the Dodge color. This one would be “In violet” which of course was done over for the race paint. After it’s all said and done the owner wants $85k for the car. If interested you will want to do your homework because there are some red flags here. However it could be a heck of a deal. I put a link to the ad below.
drag racing Cuda

drag racing cuda rear end

Source: Craigs list