Jan 08

Dakar 2013 Stage 4: Upside Down Is No Way To Be.

Joan Barreda wins Dakar 2013 stage 4This years Dakar is proving to be exciting right out of the starting blocks.  Stage 4 of the greatest race on Earth continues this trend.  Hit the jump for Spanish glory and upside down Hummers.

Continuing his tradition as Dakar’s unluckiest racer and greatest showman, Robby Gordan put the  SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI Hummer on it’s roof.


As is tradition, Robby, who is now most likely out of contention, will continue to race and provide hours of entertainment for the likes of Carlton Kirby (the witty Eurosport announcer in the above clip).

Days Results:


Husqvarna fanboys everywhere had their hearts lifted for the second time during this year’s Dakar as Joan Barreda brought home another win for the Husqvarna Rallye Team, jumping him up to 4th place overall in the motorcycle category.

It’s nice to see Husky becoming a force in offroad racing again, it’s amazing what a little BMW money can do for a company.

Johnny Campbell continues his race despite a huge mechanical problem yesterday that killed whatever chance he might have had.  Enduro 360 had a race report from the Baja legend and it sounded nightmarish, but that’s what Dakar is all about. http://www.enduro360.com/2013/01/08/gone-racing/johnny-campbell-stage-3-race-report/


The more things change the more they stay the same.  Al-Attiyah again tops the leaderboard with his California built buggy but Peterhansel was able to limit the damage to only a minute and retains the overall lead.  It’s interesting to see a few more competitive teams running buggies this year.  It’s been thirteen years since a two wheel drive buggy has won Dakar and they’re an interesting alternative to the big factory teams running the four wheel drive cars.

Speaking of four wheel drive cars, the Toyotas of DeVilliers and Alvarez have been showing some pace with DeVilliers in second overall.  DeVilliers is always a threat and with all the attention given to the MINIs and Al-Attiyah’s buggies DeVilliers just might be the dark horse pick to win the whole thing.

Stage 4: Nazca-Arequipa