Mar 15

Film Friday: Formula 1 Technical Debrief

One of the hallmarks of Formula 1 is the amazing technology on display.  From the systems on the car to the tools used in the pit lane everything in F1 is optimized for performance.  Hit the jump to see Nico Rosberg and a kid from North Carolina detail the inner workings of an F1 car.

The Leo DiCaprio of the Formula 1 field, Nico Rosberg, explains the inner workings of the Mercedes F1 gearbox.


Not to be outdone, a young mechanical engineer from North Carolina diagrams why an F1 engine isn’t the same as the V8 in you’re Ford F150.


Once again we’re mesmerized by  the future spokes model for Chanel, Nico Rosberg, as he give us insights into why a modern F1 car doesn’t fly off the track.


Finally, a brief technical video about the current crop of Pirelli tires, the series sponsor and tire supplier.


What’s better than watching nerdy technical videos about Formula 1? The obvious answer is to join our fantasy F1 League, where you can couch race your way to fame and glory among your fellow Infinite Garage readers.

Click the link for all the details.  Infinite Garage Fantasy F1


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