Jun 25

Ford Boat Tail Racer

This week the Great Race is thundering from the upper Midwest to the deep South and along the way they stopped in Mark Twain’s home town of Hannibal Missouri. Being so close to the IG world head quarters I had to check out the action, which featured basically anything pre 1969 being driven through the severe weather, heat, and humidity that those of us here in the Midwest are all too familiar with.
boat tail racer
Being a Great Race first timer I was a bit surprised at the HUGE turn out in down town Hannibal. I’d heard the Great Race would feature about one hundred vintage racers but the local car clubs brought out another several dozen cars making for a pretty nice get together. Despite the threat of bad weather and temps deep in the 90s the masses poured into the historic old river town to welcome the racers. I’ll have a bunch more on the Great Race as the week moseys on but for now let’s take a look at one awesome Ford boat tail racer.

Admittedly cars of this vintage are a bit out of my realm of expertise. That does not mean I don’t think they are cool because this car is super cool.
boat tail racer rear end

So why do you think they call it a boat tail racer? Yeah, just look at that rear.
boat tail racer

Under the hood is some vintage horse power. I was not sure what to expect under here.
boat tail racer engine

The cabin is a bit tight for the driver and navigator, but it is still cool. It’s all business in here, no Idrive, infotainment crap. Plus the only tunes you need are your exhaust and the sound of the road.
cockpit of ford boat tail racer

The great race isn’t all turn of the last century styling though and as time moves on we will investigate some of the other rides participating in the race. So tune in as the week moves on.