Feb 19

Ford Econoline vs Corvair Rampside video

Every time I see a Ford Econoline pick up truck I think of my buddy Neil. He’s one of the guys with the White Hall Drag O Way and he’s a Ford man through and through. In fact he has several Econolines that are quite cool. The picture below is of one of his. When I saw this video I instantly though of Neil and then how he and all the other fans of Infinite Garage would probably enjoy seeing it.


This video pits the Econoline vs the Corvair Rampside. It was produced by GM and is clearly bias in a hilariously unapologetic way. Still, it’s got some cool old footage of the trucks doing a little offroading, sliding around corners, and even a great stoppie by the Econoline. It’s just a quick three or so minutes long so hit the jump and enjoy.