Mar 28

Ford GT smashes Texas Mile speed record

While the big news of the day is probably the Shelby GT500 with 1000hp another Ford is out there making some history. You can read about the 1000hp Mustang a million places by now so in case you haven’t heard Shelby, well Ford is making a 1000hp Mustang. Congrats, that’s cool, it costs about 154k for the base model and 200k for whatever else they can over charge you for. Still 1000hp is cool despite what the haters say. However there is some historic news to talk about today that also has to do with a Ford.

This week at the Texas Mile a Ford GT driven by Sean Kennedy reached a record speed of 257.7mph. For those of you that don’t know the Texas mile is where you take your car from a standing start and run a mile. The idea is to get the greatest MPH you can at then end of the track. It takes a very big set of balls to do this sort of thing because one wind gust, one blown tire, one suspension part that fails and your dead before you even have time to scream an expletive. So 257.7 MPH may not seem that fast to if you are a Top Gear fan and have watched them max out the Bugatti Veyron SS, but keep in mind that was not a standing mile, but a 6 mile oval with a giant straight a way. 257.7 in a standing mile is godly.

Now of course this wasn’t done with your standard run of the mill Ford GT, but with a highly modified 5.4L race engine getting force fed from two Precision Turbos. There is a great quote from one of the engineers Kevin Kesterson who said ““I knew when I saw 204 mph come up on the scoreboard at the half mile, that it was on,” said Kesterson. “I just couldn’t wait to see what it was going to run out the back.” Yeah, 204 at the half mile mark. That’s kind of awesome.

Congrats to the team on smashing the old record by nearly 4 MPH.

source: PR WEb