Aug 14

Ford says 1 in 4 will pay more for more fuel efficiency.

Of course Ford puts it that way, 1 in 4 will pay more! so they can jack up new car prices beyond the already stupidly astronomical price. However what that really tells me is 3 in 4 say go to hell with your higher prices for more fuel efficiency. It’s funny how people spin things to make money.

Ford of course is trying to push it’s ecoboost line of engines as well as the new C max hybrid. The ecoboost has big potential, as do all turbo engines. Direct injection coupled with turbos should prove to be very powerful and fuel efficient as the tech advances. Ford even says that 43% of their buyers have opted for the ecoboost over the standard 5.0 V8.

So what does all this mean? It means Ford is going to keep working on making things more efficient, it also means you are going to pay more for that technology. One thing I think it’s important to keep in mind is that fuel efficiency has much more to do with how you drive your vehicle then what’s under the hood. Sure an old carburetor big block is not going to get 30mpgs like a modern Vette, but you’d be surprised at how your driving habits can drive up your fuel economy.