Sep 25

Honda Confirms the 2015 Honda Civic Type R

If you are of my generation the Type R is a big deal. If you are older then I am you probably don’t care, or don’t even know what it is. If you are younger then I am you sadly have never driven in a world when a new Type R mattered. Yes Type Rs were produced up until 2010 in various parts of the world, but here in the states it has been a good while since we got a Type R that was truly good bang for the buck. My generation grew up in the era where hotted up four bangers were the cars to have as kids because muscle cars were too expensive to own and insure. It was a time when the first horsepower war was long over, and the second horsepower war had not yet begun. That meant those of us who wanted speed, performance, and style on the cheap had to look to Japan for our driving kicks. Of course as we have gotten older and our wallets have grown most of us have moved on to more pure sports cars, muscle cars, or hot rods, but when a new Type R is announced that gets our juices flowing and all misty eyed for our youth.

Details are of course scant this early on but Honda says they will make a Civic Type R in Europe in 2015. Yes, in Europe. We may not get the new type R here in the states, but Honda has not specifically said we won’t, so keep hope alive.

EK9 Civic Type R

What we do know is Honda says their goal is “to make the new Civic Type R the fastest FWD car to ever lap the Nurburgring.” Yes that please, we will take more of that. You see the Type R whether it’s the Civic, NSX, or the Integra has never been about straight line speed but about carving corners. We could speculate here that the new Type R will get something like 200hp and probably have a turbo engine which should bump the torque nicely cranking up the fun factor and addressing an issue that has always hurt Honda performance cars a bit. As always as details emerge you will be able to find them all here on IG.

News Source: Honda
Image Source: Wikimedia